Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of ‘Cannabis Growers of Grand River Country + Dispensary’

In order to become a member, applicants must:

1) Fill out an application form

2) Agree to abide by the CGGRCD Code of Conduct

3) Provide (1) proof of identification; e.g. a legible copy of Birth Certificate, Status Card, Haudenosaunee passport and proof of address here in Grand River Country.

4) Provide a Physician or Traditional Healers Statement of Recommendation.

CGGRCD will likely give priority membership to patients that can provide a confirmation of diagnosis and possibly a doctor’s recommendation (See the list below for a list of ailments for which only a confirmation of diagnosis is required) Some doctors and health care practitioners may feel uncomfortable recommending cannabis.

We will work with potential members to meet our requirements for this ‘preferred’ documentation. Please write to us if you would like information about access to doctors and healthcare professionals that may assist in this process. The professionals are simply asked to confirm the patient’s diagnosis, and whether they recommend the use of cannabis or not.

Depending on the condition, a confirmation of diagnosis should be sufficient for membership, as long as the reasons stated for not recommending cannabis use by the health professionals are not of a medical nature.

For the following conditions, only a confirmation of diagnosis is required. ADHD AIDS/HIV Anxiety/Stress Disorder Arthritis Asthma Brain/Head Injury Cancer Cerebral Palsy Chemotherapy Treatment Chronic Pain Colitis Crohn’s Disease Depression Eating Disorders Eczema Emphysema End of life/Palliative care Epilepsy Fibromyalgia Glaucoma Hepatitis C Irritable Bowel Syndrome Chronic Migraines Multiple Sclerosis Muscular Dystrophy Nausea – Chronic and debilitating Neuralgia Paraplegia/Quadriplegia Psoriasis Parkinson’s Disease Radiation Therapy Seizure Disorders Sleep Disorders Spinal Cord Injury Substance Addiction/Withdrawal


New members receive an orientation to the club and our services. Their rights and responsibilities within the organization are reviewed in order to promote a safe, friendly and secure environment, respect of our neighborhood, and smooth daily operations.

Members must sign a consent form in which they take responsibility for their decision to use cannabis, and agree not to redistribute the cannabis procured by us for their personal use.

There is also an educational component of the intake session that focuses on the safe and effective use of cannabis. Members are also made aware of the current laws and political climate. It is important that people using cannabis as a medicine are equipped with all the information they need to make informed decisions.

DAILY AND WEEKLY LIMITS When you first become a member we will determine a maximum limit for your purchases. Patients requiring a higher daily limit due to using a different method of ingestion will normally be accommodated.